December 18th, 2003

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Are Bears Catholic?

Yesterday was irritating at work. Various problems but everything turned out pretty well in the end.

Last night at the gym I was in the locker room and a guy started talking to me. It was really weird because there was no introduction, no preamble, he just started with "This one time I was at the Northwest Athletic Club…" and went into a story about being followed by some guy who later gave him his card and said he was an electrician. Next he told a story about meeting a really hot chick at a club, talking on the phone with her for a while then picking her up for a date and realizing she was a guy then ditching him at a video store. Still not really sure what that whole experience was all about.

I came home and had a couple cheeseburgers for dinner (I'd frozen some in preparation for later kfgs that won't come) and they were really good. I think I need to make them a bit thinner though so they cook through more easily. More cooking than I usually (ever) do but it didn't really take that long.

Got caught up on South Park and dumped the latest 4 to DVD. It was a pretty good set with the Goth moments during Raisins and the whole Christmas in Canada episode and the All About The Mormons episode. The anti-smoking one also made some good points (but I'm not sure any were as good as Christian Rock Hard from earlier this season.)

Still need to decide what to do about the whole cakewalk thing. I don't think I'm making a cake but I could buy one or some cupcakes or something.

Photo developers doing better than expected with digital photography