January 5th, 2004

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Pretty Good

Back from vacation (5 days now) and I had a post halfway done but then it went away. I'll just try and work backwards to address the past week.

Yesterday was pretty good considering I spent two hours at an Urgent Care clinic and six at an Emergency Room. monstersocks has been sick for almost a week and decided it was time to see someone on Sunday. She found an Urgent Care clinic that was still open so we ventured into Bloomington. (It's a lot easier to get to the MoA than it is to get to anything near the MoA.) I sat around for a couple hours waiting while they ran various tests. Unfortunately they couldn't figure out everything they wanted to before closing so they directed us to an ER in Edina where they could run more tests. monstersocks' family joined us at the ER and there was much waiting. The final verdict was that it was probably viral meningitis. They sent monstersocks home after giving her some drugs for the pain and a prescription for additional medication. Hopefully she'll be better in a couple days (that seems to be the general treatment, drugs for pain and instructions to rest and drink fluids, and I think there was something in the paperwork about not smoking and wearing your seatbelt.)

So, that was my day.