January 22nd, 2004

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Oi Vey!

Too, too cold.

Worked out at the gym tonight then stopped by monstersocks' with dinner. (I think my hair froze twice on the way over, bah.) Next a trip back home where alisgray picked up my old cellphone stuff. Hooray for repurposing old electronics!

Today was a little depressing at work, I was actually happy to find out I'm getting a (somewhat) new PC. (It was a little like a recent Onion article.) The new machine will be using XP Pro so I can finally use Microsoft's RDC Client with my desktop machine. It's also about four or five times faster than my current PC. Now, if only we had some money in the budget for a new Mac. (I saw an old coworker recently and found out that they have around thirty five fully loaded dual 2GHz G5s just sitting in their basement because the people who will eventually get them are too busy to have their machines replaced.)

Oh, and I picked up two tickets to the Liz Phair show in March.
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Too cold

-1 outside (according to the weather widget on my desktop) and too damn cold inside (on of our furnaces isn't working, apparently there's a heater guy working on the problem as we speak.)

Got invited out to lunch at a nearby restaurant but decided to stay indoors. I'd have gone for India Palace but not for a mediocre Chinese buffet.

Cool Stuff:
UV Spy Set
40GB Black iPod (with matching dock) (About $600)
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