February 1st, 2004

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Weakend Update

Friday: Felt lousy, couldn't get out of bed. Got up and sent an email to work to let them know I'd be in late. Made it in several hours later, beating the email message by about ten minutes. (Our virus/spam filtering providers are a bit slow right now thanks to the latest dumbass virus going around.) Was told fairly quickly, "Go Home" so I did. Skipped the gym. Rested, then monstersocks came over with dinner for me and we watched some Firefly. Then I slept.

Saturday: Woke up and had lunch with monstersocks and her sister and brother-in-law. Didn't eat a lot (I always feel like a loser if I don't eat a lot at a buffet, it's the principle of the thing). Came home and slept. Answered the phone and gave some brief TiVo guidance to monstersocks' father. (I'm happy I've never seen the Serious Error screen he saw.) The more sleep, followed by dinner with monstersocks and more Firefly. Then I slept.

Sunday: I slept, then got up and called my parents. Next went out for dinner with monstersocks and her family to celebrate her parents' anniversary. I arrived about ten minutes early (and about forty five minutes earlier than everyone else). I live much closer to the restaurant and wasn't giving anyone a ride. Lots of snow but everyone arrived safely and made it home safely at the end of the night. Did laundry. Fast forwarded through a poor-reception copy of the Super Bowl. Didn't see any particularly exciting ads. Watched the latest Survivor. So far, eh. Now some drugs and more sleep.

Tomorrow: Work for some amount of time. Probably no gym again (just as I was back in the swing of things).

Oh, and if I ever have kids I'm going to teach them to chew with their damn mouths closed.