March 3rd, 2004

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


Busy at work these days, way too much archeology.

Finished Women recently and slogged through Reads and I'm halfway through Minds. I was sadly reminded of the poor state of my apartment last night when I spent too much time trying to discover where my individual issues of Cerebus were (they were in a box that was labeled insufficiently clearly.) I also discovered this morning that I'm missing #231.

Really exciting week so far, got my oil changed last night. Woo!

Carpet Skates

Serenity Greenlit

space oater?
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Poly ticks

Naked pillow fights ("This is nothing compared to what the animals go through")

Definitely less stupid than a lot of PETA's recent stunts but I'm not sure how it relates to animal rights.

I'm kind of disappointed that Edwards is out. He seemed more likable than Kerry but that might just be because he reminds me more of Clinton and Kerry reminds me of Dukakis.