March 9th, 2004

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


Much better day at work. Finally making some progress on my current task. (Getting past the archeological aspect and into actually getting work done again.)

I watched an interesting little documentary on Trio recently about the cartoons that Matt Stone and Trey Parker did for that were a little too explicit for (It looks like you can watch Princess at Trio's site once you create an account and swear that you're old enough, etc.)

This weekend monstersocks and I watched Mad Mad House on the SciFi channel. It was pretty poorly made (sloppy editing, etc.) but I found it somewhat amusing. I doubt we'll watch another episode together though. Every time The Vampire was onscreen I couldn't stop giggling at him and I think monstersocks found it somewhat annoying.

They did have some interesting rules for kicking people out. They had a little competition (a blood bath!) and the winner was immune from expulsion and got to listen in as the "Alts" decided who they wanted to kick out. The winner also got to break any ties (each "Alt" voted for one person to be kicked out so it isn't too hard to get ties). We'll see if Mad Mad House has as many quitters as this season of Survivor.