May 18th, 2004

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Bad Geek and Misc

Sometimes I feel like a bad geek.

I don't have my own blog stuff setup, I just use livejournal. I haven't made any significant changes to any of my other webpages (aside from adding galleries of digital pictures) since I graduated from college. I don't have my own domain setup I just use hosting from my old dialup account. I don't even have a camera on my cellphone.

The one issue I was hoping to hear more about before the local government meltdown was a proposed sales tax abatement on hybrid cars. I haven't heard anything about it recently though so it sounds like it's dead for now.

I think I'm mostly in favor of the restaurant and bar smoking ban in Minneapolis and Saint Paul so that I won't have to hear the complaints of the more vocal non-smokers anymore. I don't really buy the idea that bars and restaurants will lose a lot of business because then smokers will only patronize establishments in the suburbs. They aren't really a group known for their willpower and impulse control.

I picked up a couple new games yesterday (on sale, of course). Midway Arcade Treasures and NBA Ballers. Joust and Tapper and Gauntlet and Rampage and Klax (and others). The next Midway collection due out this fall will include Mortal Kombat 1, 2 and 3. The basketball game I picked up is actually pretty fun. I normally don't like sports games because I don't like having a team of players where I only control one of them. This is a one-on-one competition sort of like the old Dr. J v. Larry Byrd game I used to play on my Commodore 64.

There have been some recent positive reports on low-carb diets. I still doubt I could handle a low-carb diet despite the benefits. It would probably also involve more cooking than I currently do.