May 24th, 2004

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Everything Must Go

Motivated by my Friday discovery of just how many products in my kitchen had expired I worked on purging my cupboards and refrigerator last night. I discovered that marshmallows don't keep very long (a six month old bag expired two months ago and the two year old bag was impressively firm) and cereal can go bad pretty quickly too (I would have gotten rid of the Boo Berry anyway, it wasn't very good). I finally threw out the blue french fries (they were a couple years old and I'd never gotten around to trying them).

I found a very interesting gadget site this weekend (sadly it's in the UK so it'd be expensive to get some of their cool stuff and the electric gadgets need adapters to work on US current). Some of their cool stuff: Balancing Cups, Floating Picture Frame, Pin Clock (US Pin Clock), Light Up Balls and Wacky Bottle Opener.

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