May 26th, 2004

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Q? You Mean Eugene Bradford?

One of monstersocks' coworkers saw John de Lancie in Saint Paul this morning. He was on Hooperman!

I've managed to avoid paying over $2/gallon for gas so far. I happened to get gas as prices were dipping back below $2 a week or two ago then happened to find a place at just under $2 in Hastings last night. I haven't gotten around to looking any more closely at getting a hybrid yet. I keep seeing news stories about them or mentioning them recently. (For Speeders, Hybrids Suck Gas, Rescuers Prep For Hybrid Accidents (and a slightly more reasonable take on the issue), Prius waiting lists of eight to eighteen months are normal.)

Synchronicity- I was reading an article that mentioned Tito Puente and then my iPod played Señor Burns.

Do TiVo owners watch more or fewer commercials than others?
Cookie Mongoloid- Sesame Speed Metal