June 8th, 2004

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

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Lots more stuff not worth talking about going on right now than stuff worth talking about. Cop Rock wrapped up on Trio this weekend (except for the three episodes they never showed, bastards) and I finished watching them all last night. The next to the last episode included a couple of my favorite songs which I had feared would be on the missing tenth episode.

Rumors of a G5 update have me thinking about a new desktop machine (my current one's about three years old now). They don't have a machine as stylish as my current one but the current lineup is a whole lot faster. I'm probably partially thinking about this because I finally bit the bullet and ordered a new monitor to replace my current one which is on its last legs (it makes a somewhat disconcerting popping noise occasionally and has started getting intermittently fuzzy). The new one showed up in Eagan today and should be arriving tomorrow.

monstersocks and I went to dreamhaven and did some other shopping this weekend. I don't really buy comics often enough to easily pick up any new series and I don't follow the industry at all to know when something interesting is coming. We also finally made it over to White Castle to try the Fish Nibblers. Not bad, but definitely not the healthiest meal I could have had before ursaminor's ice cream party. We had a good time at the party and I took a couple pictures (far fewer than usual, some at the urging of the subjects).

Reagan on the $10 bill? I think the penny seems much more reasonable.
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