June 12th, 2004

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Not much going on

Work is work. The gym is no fun. The new monitor at home is pretty nice, I played a little Soul Calibur last night. I really should spend a little time playing The Typing Of The Dead this weekend.

monstersocks and I watched two more episodes of Ultraviolet tonight after dinner. It's pretty interesting so far but I was a little bothered by the whole "they can't use phones" bit. It's a fairly natural extension of the whole "no reflection"/"don't show up in pictures"/etc concept but it bothered me that they could type on a computer and it worked but they couldn't speak and have the air pressure register like their key presses do. Stupid nitpicking.

We still have three more hours of Colonial House to watch. Not sure when we'll get around to that.

I've been trying to stick to a healthier diet recently, not much fun there either. I'm not making any major changes to my diet, just trying to eat a little less and avoid the more significantly unhealthy foods.

I spent a little time tonight trying to pare down the music on my iPod. I've been nearly out of space for a while now so I should have a little room for the next CD I buy (hopefully).

Hopefully someday soon I'll just snap and throw out half of what I own.