June 25th, 2004

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


Lots of recent rumors about the Treo 610 in the past couple days. TreoCentral has the most information I've found so far. That actually sounds like a good enough combination device for me to consider it. I'd be giving up a little screen size from my current Clie (320x480 to 320x320) and I'd lose the proper Graffiti area (and Graffiti 1) but I'd only have to carry one device instead of a PDA and a phone. Built in Bluetooth would also be nice. It's still hard to spend that much for a phone/pda hybrid when I got my current pda for free (with Sony points from my old credit card) and I got my current phone free (with a rebate I had to fight for when they didn't want the paperwork they asked for, they wanted completely different paperwork). This may be an expensive Fall especially if Apple comes up with a 60GB iPod.

I think I found a pretty good birthday present for my brother. We recently had a conversation where he mentioned he knew about my blog so that's about the extent of what I can say about that matter.

I'm much better at thinking of things to post when I'm away from a computer.

monstersocks and I are going to a pre-wedding reception this weekend for one of my oldest friends from Macalester. Time for a little shopping tonight.
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