October 8th, 2004

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


I took my car in for an oil change last night. I also had them investigate a strange noise I've been hearing lately (it's sort of a metallic sloshing noise that sounds like it's coming from behind the glove compartment). They took a look at it and I drove it around a little for them so I could point out the noise (which involved me injuring myself when I climbed into my car which had recently been driven by a fairly short mechanic whose name was something like Seitan Funtsok putting the seat much further forward than it would every normally be). The mechanic initially asked if I had a water bottle in the glove compartment when he finally heard the sloshing noise. Their best guess was that it was some sort of air bubble in the heater core which isn't a significant problem (except that monstersocks may snap if it keeps doing it). I also got a slow leak in one of my tires fixed and was subjected to part of an episode of The Apprentice.

Once I got home I watched the third episode of Lost despite ABC's best efforts. That's the first time I've tried watching something I downloaded with BitTorrent on my TV with my PowerBook. It actually worked really well. If I ever bother to do any hacking of my Xbox I could always use that to watch BitTorrent content a little more easily.

I love my iPod but I wish I had a newer one so that I could add more music. I was somewhat tempted by the last upgrade but the expected 60GB model never appeared. New rumors suggest a 60GB iPod in 30-60 days with a color screen and support for storing and displaying pictures both on the built-in screen and on a connected television. If that actually happens I expect I'll buy one pretty quickly.

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


It's obviously a good sign when most of the top management is huddled in one person's office late on a Friday and conversation stops when someone comes to the door, right?