October 10th, 2004

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

0-11111 (31)

Went out to CPK with monstersocks and saw Garden State. Good movie. I'm curious to know exactly how much of it was actually autobiographical or if it was autobiographical like Fargo was based on a true story or O Brother Where Art Thou? was based on The Odyssey. I didn't watch the debate yet, maybe early next week. It sounds like it wasn't as one-sided as the first though.

Puttered around some, did a little shopping, failed to see a movie, had a really good dinner at Kincaid's. Fine steak, prawns, crab and pork. After dinner we came back to my apartment and I got a squid, two Tool CDs and a 4 disc set of every episode of Misfits of Science. Every episode, including one that never aired. Very exciting.

Turned 31.