November 26th, 2004

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


I forgot to mention the wonderfully pleasant woman who sat across the aisle from me on my flight to Boston. She had a cheap little DVD player on which she decided to watch 2 Fast, 2 Furious. Apparently she couldn't afford both the DVD player and a set of headphones so she was just playing the audio loud enough for her to hear it over the jet engines. Quite a winner. I couldn't hear the entire movie but I did hear the occasional car crash across the aisle. I was wearing headphones and watching several episodes of Sledge Hammer.

There was something else I meant to post about yesterday but my memory fails me.
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Black Friday

Had a good day today. My brother and I went out to check out some family history including the graves of my first Beaman ancestors born in this country and the remains of the Beaman Oak. We had lunch at the place where my cousin met Richard Goodwin and then visited a few more scenic locations. We had very good dinner of pasta and dumplings tonight although plans for game playing didn't quite get anywhere.

Tomorrow I return to the great white north and hopefully get together with a few college friends who are in town for Thanksgiving.