November 29th, 2004

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


We picked up the keys tonight. monstersocks will be moving in this weekend and I'll probably be moving in the next weekend (moving the big stuff, assuming I get a truck, and I've got a couple months to filter and move the rest). I need to give notice at my current apartment sometime (even though there isn't much hurry since I could technically wait until the end of next month before giving notice- my lease has a clause preventing its termination at the end of November, December or January).

Work was okay today, nothing particularly notable. Not much vacation but it still took a little while to get back up to speed. I came in earlier than usual so I could pick up the new keys.

On Sunday the standard Lundsten Family Dinner was cancelled. I picked up Chipotle for monstersocks and kalmn. We had a brief discussion of cable for the new place and finally came to something of an agreement. I still need to figure out if I can get my current deal at the new place.
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Both Hands And A Flashlight


I was at Chipotle yesterday picking up dinner for monstersocks and kalmn and after I got my receipt I noticed that instead of being charged for 2 tacos for monstersocks I was charged for 2 orders of tacos. I pointed the mistake out to the cashier and she scurried off to find a manager who gave me change for the difference between what I was charged and what I should have been charged. The charge hasn't shown up online yet so I'm not sure if it was correct or not (I'm afraid I'll end up getting charged the incorrect total and the correct total so I will have paid for two burritos twice).

I was at the Rosedale Apple Store on Saturday and picked up a refurbished laptop power adapter. The cashier initially rang it up at the original price which I noticed when asked to sign for it. I pointed out the mistake and he called over someone else to help him try and fix the problem (he also apparently wasn't allowed to give as much of a discount as was marked on the product). I was charged the correct amount and given both receipts. Tonight I checked my online statement and discovered I'd been charged both for the full price and the discounted price (so I was charged three times the correct amount). I had to call the credit card company and wait around for them to get me a credit. I also noticed a little feedback url on the receipts so I went and filled that out (apparently I'll get a $10 off coupon for my trouble, not totally bad).

I don't know, I've never really worked retail (the computer store at Macalester definitely doesn't count) so maybe this is all very complicated and only highly trained professionals can manage to avoid screwing it up.

I watched a lingering episode of Wonderfalls on my old TiVo tonight. (The new TiVo is full of shows I need to dump to DVD or that I'm saving for monstersocks for when she has copious free time so I'm kind of low on programming there.) I don't know if it was the last episode shown or not since it had a preview for a next one. (And a little research at the link I'd already typed out shows that this was in fact the last episode shown.)

It's still hard getting motivated for the move. I think I may spend some evenings this week trying to clean out my storage space so I can move some of my less essential belongings out there and have more room for sorting and filtering here.