January 4th, 2005

Insect Dominion

It's a little creepy being the only customer in a restaurant around noon

So, I tried out this little restaurant Namish in a strip mall across from the Target in Roseville (near Har-Mar). It was… interesting.

The main sign advertises "International Cuisine and Catering" which apparently means Italian, Mexican and Greek food. The lunch buffet changes daily, with gyros on Monday, Mexican food on Tuesday, Italian on Wednesday, "Variety" on Thursday and Indian food on Friday. (Saturday is "Combination".)

The food was nothing too exciting (beef quesadillas, chicken enchiladas, rice, beans and chicken and beef "fajitas" which in this case means tortillas and two steam trays of meat with nearby cheese and a salad).

I was a little worried on the way in when I saw a guy holding a sign advertising the buffet at the turn off of County B.