January 9th, 2005

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


Friday- monstersocks and I went out for dinner with kalmn. If I'd been smarter I'd have had a smaller and earlier lunch. Portions are somewhat ginormous at Cheesecake Factory. I finished about half of my dinner and maybe two thirds of my dessert. We also picked up one of monstersocks' old computers so that we could make sure there's nothing on it that she cares about before disposing of it. (Performa 6500 maybe, I'm guessing it has a 150MHz 603e, its main attribute is the very loud and bassy speaker in it.) It was a little amusing the next night after it was setup in the dining room, monstersocks turned the TV off with her remote which also turned the computer on.
Saturday- monstersocks and I tried to do some furniture shopping (we need new tv/vcr/dvd/receiver/cd/tape/tivo/game furniture) at Buck's and Elements. Found a few basic candidates but it looks like it'll be complicated to find something that meets my functional requirements and her aesthetic requirements. Had dinner at Fuddruckers (1/2 pound of ostrich) then saw Darkness. Kind of enjoyable but I don't know if I'd recommend it. There were about fifteen minutes of previews including Sin City (I'd like to see it but I've never read any of the comics), Hitchhiker's Guide (brief teaser, I hope it's good), some Bruce Willis movie that explained the entire plot of the film and Elektra (from the folks what brought you X-Men but no mention of Daredevil).

Today I try to move the living room around to an order that makes more sense to me.

I realized that part of the problem I've been having at my old apartment is that I forget that I need three piles, not two. Instead of "Keep" and "Don't Keep" I need "Keep Close", "Keep In Storage" and "Don't Keep". I think remembering that will help.

Interview with some of the people being sued by Apple for leaking beta versions of their next OS. BitTorrent is not very stealthy.

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Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Stupid Technology

Bah! (That's actually a triumphant yet disgusted noise.)

I finally got the stupid little 802.11g bridge working. Tech Support was (not surprisingly) of no use. I finally decided I'd wasted enough time and just bought a new router of the same brand as the bridge that I was trying to get to work. Now I have two $10 rebates to send in and a functional network downstairs. The stupid little usb ethernet adapter I bought doesn't seem to grasp the network cable however so it looks like it's going to keep falling out unless I just tape the whole thing together. (The bridge cost three times what the router did even though it's a simpler device. Bah.)

I am a huge fan of Achewood