January 18th, 2005

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


I got partway through putting the new entertainment center together last night. I decided that I need to cut a large hole in the back of it for easier access to the components. Unfortunately it looks like only the center space will be suitable for most components, the left and right areas will probably have to be used for game systems or something. The quest for a component rack for the rest of the stuff will begin soon. Hopefully I'll be able to finish getting it assembled tonight so that I can start moving the TV/etc. over tomorrow.

It seems like I've been doing a lot more laundry at the new apartment but it's mostly just that I've been doing laundry more often. We have laundry in the apartment but the machines are smaller than the ones I'm used to. I'm trying to get into the habit of doing laundry before I leave for work so that I'm not home when the drier runs (it gets a bit humid).

Surprisingly I'm still sticking with the whole early to bed/early to rise thing. Most of my coworkers have gotten over the shock of seeing me in the office before 8am.

Some links for my own reference later when I have more electronics to get rid of:
Minnesota Electronics Recyclers
Asset Recovery Corporation Computer Recycling
ARC- Saint Paul branch (52S, Right on Plato, Right on State)
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