January 22nd, 2005

Roast Beef- Dobler Style


monstersocks and I successfully had pizza and watched the last five episodes of Lost. It took me a little longer than usual to get home (maybe twenty some minutes instead of ten or fifteen) and then I did a little arranging at the old apartment and got all of my CDs packed up. I'm still hobbling a little on stairs and knew I would have the pizza when I came over to the new place so I didn't bring anything over except for a CD rack and a bag of miscellaneous stuff.

I really like today's Achewood. I was a bit confused about the current storyline for a while until I was looking back through the archives for some reason and noticed that I'd missed this strip which provided some crucial information.
Roast Beef- Dobler Style


Did some domestic stuff at home this morning (took care of some of the cardboard boxes that'd been building up, etc.) then went out for the day's adventures. monstersocks and I went down to her parents' house to shovel their sidewalk and remove the snow from her mother's car. So far while living in Minnesota I haven't lived anywhere that has required me to shovel (well, I think that maybe we were supposed to shovel at Windom Gables but we didn't really do it often) and I've always had a garage so I've only had to clean snow and ice off of my car when leaving work. I can't really imagine living in Minnesota without a garage.

Later we stopped by REI to look for gloves and shoes, then headed over to the MoA so that I could see the Mac mini and check out the new version of iLife. (We didn't see any Apple Store employees that we know, not sure if any are currently working at that Apple Store.) The Mac mini is so damn cute, if it had a 3.5" hard drive I'd probably buy one. Not as fast as the iMac G5 or a Dual G5 tower, but a lot faster than my Cube. The new version of iPhoto looks pretty nice (I already ordered it from Amazon because I'm thrifty and wanted to save about $17). They really should have added folders a while ago but better late than never. We also wandered through a number of other shops and I tried out Starbuck's new product: Chantico. I liked it, kind of like drinking somewhat thinned brownie batter.

It appears they've replaced Sharona on Monk with That Girl From The Pizza Place. Fortunately she happens to have a daughter to replace Benji.

For some strange reason one of our TiVos can see monstersocks' computer (for music and pictures) but not the other. Sadly we have a lot of variables that can't be easily changed (different versions of the OS on the TiVos, different versions of the OS on the computers, etc.) The weird bit is that the two things that can't see each other are sitting right next to each other and are both on the wired network.