January 23rd, 2005

Roast Beef- Dobler Style

Once Begun Is Half Done

I'm beginning to feel better about the progress we're making getting the apartment into shape. I moved all the CD and book boxes out of the corner of the apartment where I'd piled them earlier (it's actually a little nook under the stairs) and set up some racks for CDs and DVDs. We still need one more CD rack like the one we picked up at Ikea for my CDs and I need to bring my CDs and DVDs over to make sure everything will fit.

Today monstersocks and I went over to her grandmother's place to take down her christmas decorations and picked up her parents' dog from the kennel. There was also a little snow shoveling so the dog could go outside (the snow out back was a bit taller than the dog). We also had dinner (Chipotle) and went grocery shopping (not a bright thing to do on a Sunday evening).

We've got a website update tomorrow night at work so I may have some time during the day to make a little more progress on the move. I won't know the exact schedule until tomorrow.

Rumors say Cingular will release the Treo 650 this week.