January 31st, 2005

Roast Beef- Dobler Style

Weekend Update

Last week: Went bowling at work with one of the higher-ups from the company that recently bought mine. It was pretty fun even though I did impressively poorly (I haven't bowled in quite a few years). I was also a little sore afterwards, just another reminder that I decided I don't have time to work out while moving.

Friday: monstersocks and I had dinner at The Good Earth. No significant moving progress.

Saturday: monstersocks and I went out to dim-sum with eriker and ladyslaughter. (sxoidmal and alisgray had been scheduled to appear but couldn't make it.) Plenty of dumplings and pot stickers. After dim-sum we went to Rosedale and were fairly unsuccessful in achieving our primary objectives. We did stop by the Apple Store again and look at the Mac minis. We ran into eriker again at Best Buy. No significant moving progress.

Sunday: monstersocks and I drove out to Eagan to pick up some presents for her parents' anniversary then attended the usual Sunday Night Dinner. Afterwards we took pictures of some cups and saucers that her mother plans to sell on ebay. We also went over to kalmn's place and braved the mini dog army to replace her CD-ROM drive. No significant moving progress.

Monday: Working. I need to do a lot of moving tonight since it's my last night in the underground garage and the last time I can move stuff between apartments without having to go outside.The computer will get moved to a temporary destination since I haven't found a new desk and chair yet.

Strangeness: I was looking at the server logs for this month and people have been using the following search strings to find my site this month:
#reqs: search term
-----: -----------
   15: hello kitty pictures
    5: supergame
    5: aaron walker
    4: pig cooker
    3: pictures of wyoming
    2: krista mckinnon
    2: worm pictures
    2: duct tape girl
    2: pig decorations
    1: index of tickling
    1: making faces
    1: pictures of ingredients for baking
    1: marvin the martian image
    1: nichole watches
    1: como zoo
    1: iso 269
    1: guinness vegan
    1: steve rasmussen
    1: peggy bundy
    1: carly baker chapman
   27: [not listed: 27 search terms]

I think a lot of these people are finding my site through Microsoft's search engine since my site seems to be the first hit when searching on "pictures of ingredients for baking" on there and it isn't on the first page of google's results for that search term. My site is also something like the fifth hit for "guinness vegan" on microsoft's search page and isn't on the first page of google's results. Odd.

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Why is the last minute the most productive?

I managed to get three car loads of stuff from the old apartment to the new one tonight, three or four trips worth each. My computer is now disassembled and in the new dining room and our living room is significantly more full of boxes. Unfortunately I didn't do as much filtering as I'd like but I now have absolutely no distractions in the old apartment.

Last night I somehow managed to roll over in my sleep and hit the "Radio On" button on my clock radio at 3am. Unfortunately that made a really awful noise and it took me a while to make it quiet again. I still have no idea how I managed to hit one of the buttons in my sleep. I guess I get a lot of practice with the whole snooze button thing.

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Savory Twinkies (Polenta and Goat Cheese)
Hello Kitty Sushi