February 9th, 2005

Roast Beef- Dobler Style

Linkz and Testz and Stuff

No significant moving progress yesterday. I picked up some additional storage bins and did a little valentine's day shopping. I discovered that the place where I ordered my father's birthday present didn't send him the email notification like they were supposed to (spam filters were checked, etc.). You just can't trust computers.

I sold half of my Apple stock today. Not a lack of faith in the company, I just wanted to take advantage of their recent gains and might turn that money into a new iMac (unless I decide to be realistic and incorporate the original investment expense and future taxes into my calculations). I still don't have a new desk or chair for the new apartment however.

I played a little more Final Fantasy this weekend. (I never played those games back when they were originally released but I got the latest Final Fantasy game for the GBA.) This was the first time I'd put any significant time into playing outside of the MSP airport. Finally got around to finding and defeating the dark elf king. I also picked up the new GBA Tron game a while back but I haven't played any of it aside from the original Tron game they put in. I might pick up Tron 2.0 for the Xbox sometime if I ever get things settled enough that I won't feel bad about playing games.

The wireless network at home has continued to be troublesome. I may try switching back to my old router and see if things improve. (I think it may be partially due to the number of networks nearby, a lot more than we had in my old apartment.)


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