February 25th, 2005

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


I spent last night cleaning the old apartment. Vacuumed a couple times and scrubbed most of what needed scrubbing. Just a little more to do this weekend and I'll be done.

My conscience wouldn't let me destroy my remaining furniture. (The desk is functional but unimpressive, I still like the entertainment center.) I reserved a van for this weekend so that I can haul them down to Goodwill.

Not much more to say on the moving front. The apartment will be completely empty by Monday morning so that I can officially move out. It'll be nice to be doing something other than moving (also nice to have something else to talk about).

I got a new computer at work yesterday (no skirt). Much nicer than the old one although it does make the noise from my PC more noticeable. Ridiculously small. It's dwarfed by the IIci that I use as a monitor stand. It's a tempting option for home, although there it would need to be paired with a large external drive. My Cube has been getting a bit finicky lately and seemed to be having trouble with one of its USB ports. Not good, especially since the speakers need to be plugged into one of the onboard ports (they draw more power than they're supposed to).

I was really impressed with the new migration feature Apple added. I just connected the two machines with a Firewire cable and everything was moved over for me. Much less painful than the usual manual migration.

If you didn't look at the MTV comic link I posted yesterday, you should have.