March 2nd, 2005

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

De Range

I spent some time unpacking last night then went to bed pretty early. Slept very well (which I needed).

I think I'm finally beginning to learn my lesson on this travel planning stuff. I did a little research for an upcoming trip two days ago, then almost bought the ticket yesterday but waited until the evening, costing myself around $20-$50 on the ticket. I still need to narrow the window between the initial investigation and the actual purchase. I also got a reservation for a car, which was actually cheaper than it had been when last I'd looked.

Subdued weekend. Did some hauling with nicholay and a little cleaning. (The cleaning woman who checked me out of the apartment wasn't really impressed with the job I did of cleaning, some stuff I just forgot about, some I just didn't clean as thoroughly as she would have liked. One the one hand it seems reasonable to have the person who is going to be doing the cleaning do the evaluation, on the other it doesn't seem appropriate if she's going to get paid more to deal with what she claims is a bigger mess. We'll see what sort of deposit I get back.)

I've been listing to public radio some recently (initially it was just The Current, then I started listing to KNOW when The Current wasn't too interesting) but the pledge drive is driving me away. Maybe an occasional pledge drive is less annoying than commercial advertising, but my CD player and iPod haven't bothered me with incessant self-praise and requests for donations yet.

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