April 9th, 2005

Roast Beef- Dobler Style


So, I read a report of problems with memory slots in PowerBooks this week and decided to check the memory on mine when I got in on Friday. I noticed it was only showing about 3/5 of what it should have so I was a bit concerned. I dug around and found my hardware test CD this morning. When I ran it the software saw the correct amount of memory. I ran the advanced test and my laptop died while running one of the (non-memory related) tests. I tried rebooting and it kept dying at different points with memory read errors. Much pain and suffering. I couldn't find the screwdriver I'd used to install my memory upgrade last fall (it was actually the stylus from my old Visor) so I needed to buy one later.

monstersocks and I went down to Faribault today to visit Susie and Mali. Afterwards we had dinner with kalmn and then ran a few errands. I managed to get a screwdriver so I could open up my PowerBook and remove the chip I'd installed. I booted it up and ta-da, it works. I need to do a bit more testing to confirm that it's a problem with the upgrade and then get that replaced if that's the problem. I'm just happy at this point that it appears it isn't a problem with the laptop, just a memory chip.

We also had way too much trouble finding a biscuit cutter for our potluck tomorrow.

Oh, and I got my Achewood volume 3 and 4 books along with two rabbit ambulance shotglasses.