April 14th, 2005

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


I was looking at my server logs this morning and noticed a couple strange things.

Apparently someone on the Clan OMF forums decided to post one of my pictures from Halloween 2004 (Soundwave and Banana Dance). Not entirely sure what they're talking about. I could certainly replace it with something else but it probably isn't worth the effort.

It's disappointing the most popular search term this month that people have used to find my site is "tickling". Last month it was "supergame" and before that it was a tie between "pig decorations", "pig cooker" and "pictures of wyoming". Also, I'm not sure I could pick Madeline Stowe out of a lineup so that seems like a strange search term to find stuff on my site.
#reqs: search term
-----: -----------
   15: tickling
    6: aaron walker
    3: pig cooker
    3: 2005 easter pictures
    2: family pictures
    2: rachel frances walker
    2: como zoo
    2: leconte peak trail
    2: banana dance
    2: bocce pictures
    2: spam sushi
    2: worm tea
    2: pictures easter 2005
    2: pictures from detroit
    2: pictures of detroit
    2: www.aaronwalker.org
    1: madeline stowe nudes
    1: my vacation pictures
    1: pola bear pictures
    1: aaronwalker
   21: [not listed: 21 search terms]

Patriotically Strange: America, We Stand As One video (and the revised version). (I'm pretty sure that's Lyta Alexander.)

Replacement memory for my laptop should finally show up today. That'll be nice.
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


So, I made an appointment with a dentist for a checkup next month. It's been a little while. (I finally threw away the little reminder card I had taped to my monitor stand which reminded me of just how long it has been.) It would have been smarter to get the appointment back when I had better dental insurance, but it also would have been smarter to have two checkups a year for the past few years.

The Tungsten X looks like an interesting idea for a PDA. I'd still prefer to have a Treo 650 to reduce the amount of stuff I haul around with me.
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


Obnoxious lingering cough, been around about a week with no other strange symptoms. Annoying. Trying some tea in addition to the cough medicine.

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