April 25th, 2005

Roast Beef- Dobler Style


I went to the doctor this morning to make sure my recent cough wasn't anything serious. It isn't. Their best guess was "a virus" and I was told it should go away in another week or two. At least it probably isn't whooping cough or anything.

I'd been planning on picking up a copy of the new version of OS X this week at Apple's launch event but finally broke down and ordered the family pack from Amazon last week (The $50 rebate is tough to resist even though I'm really tired of playing the rebate game. $150 after rebate for five computers in the same household is a pretty good deal and I can finally have all of the computers in the apartment on the same version of X). I may still drop by the Apple Store Friday night to see if there are any interesting deals. (They had 10% off pretty much anything when they released the last OS update, but we'll see if the rumored updates take place before Friday or not.)

I think the Mac mini is a really cool idea but it doesn't have enough disk space for me (between my iTunes library and iPhoto library I need a big drive). Someone finally came out with an external drive/hub combo sized to match the mini.

If I needed a new digital camera, Canon's new S2 IS would be pretty tempting.

It might be better to be a little overweight than a little underweight- although pretending that weight is the only factor involved in determining how healthy a person is or how long they're going to live is sort of like trying to estimate a car's speed by its engine size.

This should finally end the low-carb craze for good: chocolate covered pork rinds
CSI: Wendy's