April 29th, 2005

Roast Beef- Dobler Style

Looking a gift horse in the mouth

Went to work today, then the gym, then dropped by the Apple Store. I waited about five or ten minutes in line then went in. I pre-ordered the family pack from Amazon (although they still haven't shipped it, bastards) so I wasn't planning on actually buying it. They didn't have a 10% off sale on hardware but they were giving away scratch off cards with which one could win a PowerBook or an iPod or lots of other prizes! (I won a free iTunes song.) I didn't stay too long, just poked at Tiger on an iBook for a little while then left.

Came home to find monstersocks and kalmn watching the end of ER. Next they spent some time playing Taiko Drum Master. (I did a couple songs too. Apparently it looked like I was poking at the drums with the sticks.)

And I'm sure there were several other things I intended to post but have completely forgotten now that I'm actually in front of a computer.
Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


I went to the post office today to mail Mother's Day stuff and ended up using their new automated machine. It actually worked pretty well (much like at airports they're very proactively encouraging people to use the automated system if possible these days).

This is very interesting: http://www.thepartyparty.com/
(The one track I listened to was "Imagine" done by George W Bush.)