May 4th, 2005

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Things To Want And Buy

Apple finally released the computer I've been waiting for yesterday:
Apple iMac G5 Desktop with 20" M9845LL/A (2.0 GHz PowerPC G5, 512 MB RAM, 250 GB Hard Drive, SuperDrive)

20" flat panel display (1680x1050), over four times faster (straight clock speed) than my Cube, three times the hard drive space, a dual layer SuperDrive, built-in wireless and it'll reduce the amount of stuff on my desk. About the only thing it can't do that I might want to do is watch the HD Serenity Trailer. (I might be able to watch the 720p version, but the 1080p version needs more horsepower.) I placed my order this morning (although it's not yet in-stock at Amazon, the a9 discount and prime shipping made it hard to pass up).

Other cool toys and news: