May 27th, 2005

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


Very good movie.

monstersocks and I just got home. We showed up around 8:30pm so that we could get the tickets and maybe do a little shopping before the movie. (If we'd been more clever we would have realized we could have picked up the tickets ahead of time so we wouldn't have needed kalmn's credit card.) When we showed up the line was already all the way around the lobby so we just kind of got in line (the end of the line was about five feet from where we picked up the tickets). Word from lexiphanic was that their friends had showed up at the head of the line around 7:00pm or so. monstersocks wandered over and chatted with lexiphanic while I held our place in line.
I think we were let into the theater around 9:15pm. monstersocks waited outside for the rest of our party while I went in to scout out some good seats. Fortunately lexiphanic grabbed two very nice seats for us so I went and held some seats for the rest of the party.
Shortly before the start of the film there was a knock on the exit door and the guy in charge of the proceedings let in Ron Glass. Shepherd Book/Ron Harris himself. He talked a little bit before the movie and then it was time for the film.

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After the movie Ron Glass chatted with the crowd for a little while and then they set up a table so people could get autographs and free keychains. Fairly orderly although they could have used some better line wrangling skills.

I can finally stop using that filtered friends list I created to avoid reading the fireflyfans community. I could even check out serenityspoiler if I wanted. (PS- Do not read either of those groups if you haven't seen the movie.)

I just watched the 720p trailer. Gorgeous, but I'm glad I saw the movie before the trailer.

Even though I've got tomorrow off, it's time for bed.