June 27th, 2005

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


So, the buy.com people called me back (now that it's no longer a weekend) and told me that they only had a record of one order for me, no additional phones and no additional lines of service.

So, I called Sprint again and they directed me over to their fraud department. In theory the two additional lines are now cancelled and the charges for them will be taken off of my account. Sadly no one I talked to could explain where the lines had come from. One of the phones had some usage on it which means it must have been activated (although I didn't have to call to activate mine so it may have already been setup). No one could tell me where they other two phones had been delivered either. I considered calling the numbers to see who picked up but didn't. Despite my fears it was probably just some sort of mix-up between buy.com and Sprint and there's probably someone in Minneapolis wondering why his phone suddenly stopped working.

Aside from the hassles (and the rebate that requires I wait six months before submitting the required paperwork) the phone is really nice. It's a little tough stepping down to 320x320 from 320x480 but I think I'll manage. The screen is physically smaller so it looks much crisper. It's also a lot brighter than my Clie. Navigating with the new nav-pad controller thing works pretty well for most applications but I've found that some of my apps don't really support it. It's clumsy to use an app that requires the stylus for navigation and they keyboard for typing. I think I need to install Graffiti Anywhere although Graffiti 2 is inherently evil. I was impressed with how quick and easy it was to move my old number over to the new phone.