August 24th, 2005

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer


I picked up Nintendogs for monstersocks yesterday. It would have made a much better present if I'd been able to pick up a DS as well but apparently several other people got more interested in the DS when the price dropped last week. The only Best Buy in the area that currently has them in stock is in Brooklyn Center so I went online and found a reasonable deal. (Actually I found the reasonable deal beforehand but decided I didn't want to have to wait a week for shipping or pay for shipping but went ahead and did it when I couldn't find it affordably locally. I guess I could have tried other stores but it's cheaper at Best Buy since I'm part of their reward program ever since I bought my PSP.)

I played a bit more God of War last night. Still very fun. I tend to enjoy it for a while, then get to a bit that I find annoying and leave it alone for a little while then come back and finish it up pretty easily. I timed my saves a little bit poorly last night so I may need to backtrack further than I'd like to make it more likely that I'll actually survive the area I ended at last night (technically I'm not sure survival is really the goal since I'm going to be dead once I get past that bit regardless, I just need to get past that bit so I can die).

Working on getting some older pictures online. My brother sent me some slides to scan so I need to get the slide scanner hooked up again.

The Fair starts soon. I'm going to enjoy the added distance this year.

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