September 11th, 2005

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Rocks and Rubble

Went out to the Renaissance Festival today with monstersocks. Spent plenty of time wandering around. Stopped by lexiphanic's shop and chatted for a while, we also made a few minor purchases. Wandered some more, then stopped by echogami's shop and chatted with her and mhuot for a while and saw the wall of scotch. (We also chatted a little bit more than monstersocks would have liked about iPod nanos, ROKR and the new iTunes 5.) More wandering under the ball of fire. Eventually ran into watterflower and later briangee. We made some rough San Diego plans that need to get finalized soon (that's currently on my plate). Then, more wandering which led to eventually finding briangee again along with ethel and a few other people who probably have ljs.

We eventually headed home (after finding the car), got cleaned up and headed out to dinner. We drove down to Eagan and were slightly disappointed to discover that our chosen restaurant had been demolished sometime recently. So, we went with plan b. We were still able to get dessert and encountered the most apathetic ice cream clerks I've ever met. They sang the saddest little song when they got tipped by someone who apparently likes slow, apathetic service.

Going backwards, on Friday we went out to the Craftsman for dinner. Good meal. Came home and made the mistake of watching The Specials.