October 17th, 2005

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Domesticated Classmates

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Plenty of stuff to write about, no time to do it.

Anyway, let's start with this weekend and work back as time goes on.

Friday: Got out of work a little early and walked around Como Lake a couple times. Nice weather. I haven't made it to the gym in a week or two between the flood and the extra hours at work. monstersocks and I had a quiet dinner of pizza at home and cleared some stuff off the TiVo. We watched an episode of CSI that appears to have been very loosely based on the trial of the father of a former classmate of mine. (I think we were also in Mathletes together.) The former classmate wasn't represented at all in CSI (which makes sense from a time perspective, he eventually planted a pipe bomb at a college office and spent a few years in federal prison but it had nothing to do with the case so it wouldn't have made sense on the show). I think monstersocks figured it out before I did.

Saturday: Got up not-early-but-not-late-enough-to-really-be-sleeping-in and spent much of the day cleaning. We bought a new vacuum cleaner recently that will hopefully be able to do a better job of withstanding monstersocks' hair so this was its first workout. I did a pretty thorough job including plenty of furniture moving that may result in a new long term living room layout. The vacuum held up well. Eventually monstersocks returned from helping some friends prepare for moving and we went out for dinner at an undemolished Red Robin.

Sunday: Slept in. monstersocks went out for a little while to help with more moving stuff. Went over to nicholay's place for a little while, then out to the merged celebration of my birthday and kalmn's. I got the complete Calvin and Hobbes collection which I'd managed to forget the existence of. Almost twenty three pounds of Calvin and Hobbes in three volumes. Very cool. After dinner we swung by nicholay's again for a little while then home. I spent some of the rest of the evening working on some long-postponed maintenance on monstersocks' desktop computer. Upgraded the OS (although I couldn't go to 10.4 because she lacks a DVD drive), Office, Quicken and iLife. She should now be mostly safe from Classic. I stayed up a little too late working on it, but that's not too surprising. I tend to get focused on tasks and ignore anything else (food, sleep, etc.) until it's done.

At nicholay's there was a Halloween costume discussion and I was reminded of one year (early '80s) in school when a classmate was dressed as a Rubik's Cube. The costume really offended me. I just couldn't understand how anyone could make a Rubik's Cube costume and have two squares that shared an edge on adjacent faces painted the same color. I'm not sure it occurred to me that some people might not even consider that when designing such a costume. The classmate's name was "Magic".

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