November 13th, 2005

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Can't Trust It

So, I finally managed to edit all of the pictures I took at Jarrin's Halloween Party recently. I eventually made a little template that showed me where the defects were in the images so I could more easily fix them. Today I did a little research and took a look at some of my older pictures. It appears that some of the defects have been there for quite a while and some developed more recently. It also looked like one of the red spots has been getting worse lately but that could just be my imagination. If I could go back in time and take pictures in the dark I could speak with more certainty.

I had been planning on getting a new camera sometime soon so that I wouldn't have to deal with this problem anymore. Now I'm considering what I can do with my existing software to minimize the effects of the problem. I noticed that Graphic Converter has a Remove Bad Pixels option that can use a picture taken with the camera that should be all black to remove defects in other pictures. This may be a reasonable temporary solution but more testing is required.

Went down to Faribault this morning to see monstersocks' friend Susie. Stopped at the MoA to do some shopping afterwards. Didn't find much. Wandered by some WWE Diva signing, didn't recognize any of them. It didn't really compare to the time snickle and I saw Rob and Fab at Sam Goody's after watching Aladdin. Went out to a birthday party and saw a couple old Macalester folk who I hadn't really known well at Mac. Talked to Davin a little (including a discussion of Serenity which upset some people who haven't bothered to see it in the first month and a half of its release).