March 1st, 2006

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Don't Have Time

I got a call today from one of the dealerships from whom I requested an online quote on a Prius. Apparently someone had changed their mind so the dealership had an extra Prius and they were shopping it around to potential customers. I considered it (although I haven't done all the stuff I need to do before buying a new car- my mother is still on the title of my current car, I don't have the lien release paperwork for my current car and I haven't gotten a loan approved for the new car or figured out what I'm doing with the old car) but decided not to buy. The main reason was the leather interior, I don't want leather and I don't want to have to pay for leather. The color (light blue) was a distant second. I may need to get my act together in case I get a more appealing phone call in the future.

monstersocks made pancakes for dinner last night in honor of Pancake Day. Tasty.

At this point I'm down 10.5 pounds for the year, averaging about 5 pounds per month. I'm pretty happy with that and hope I can keep it up. One of my problems with the whole eating better working out thing is that my main goal is not something I'm going to specifically achieve. The goal is to "be healthier" and I can't ever say, "There, now I'm healthier" and stop. Hiking up LeConte gives me something of a target for the working out part since it's a lot more pleasant if I've been workout out regularly than if I haven't and I try to haul myself up a mountain. I can use my upcoming reunion (10 year college) and the wedding of an old friend from high school as temporary goals(as in "lose twenty pounds by this event") but that feels really cliche.

Canon released some semi-interesting new cameras (S3 IS and SD700 IS) but they didn't come out with any replacements for the G6 or Pro1. Rumors say that they've given up on those lines which will make choosing a new camera (whenever I replace my G3) a lot tougher. Hopefully there will be some good reviews out before too long.

And, as I separately posted, I'm working on getting more of my pictures online. This past week I've uploaded pictures from New Year's Eve, Christmas Eve and Hanukah. Many many more to come.