March 8th, 2006

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TiVo Craziness

TiVo Announces New Pricing Plan And Ends Lifetime Service

Wow. Initially this seems like a really bad idea. The announcement lacked a lot of important details. After further research it doesn't look quite so bad, but I'm not looking forward to trying to explain this to people who are considering buying one.

  1. It's disappointing that they're killing lifetime service but supposedly they couldn't continue to offer it at a reasonable price.
  2. The new pricing is an option where you get the hardware "free" but have to sign up for 1-3 years of monthly payments (or 1-3 years of pre-paid service) after which you can revert to the "old" monthly fee.
  3. The Multi System Discount ($7/month if you already own a "full-price" TiVo) will continue to be available but not until after the end of your initial service commitment.
  4. TiVos will still be available from other retailers without the pre-paid concept so you can still buy a TiVo and pay the $13 or $7 monthly fee.

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