February 14th, 2007

0-90 binary counting


Pretty busy lately, not a lot of updating.

I don't really like tattoos much in general but some are quite nice.

While playing around with my xbox recently I noticed that the GTA radio stations were stored as .wma files. With the help of some conversion software I was able to convert them to mp3s and put them on my iPod. monstersocks thought this was a very good example of more technological skill than sense. I'm not sure that I agree.

My gym is moving to a less convenient location soon. We'll see if I go more or less often.

monstersocks and I watched Idiocracy and Slither recently (both from Netflix). Idiocracy was okay but not as funny as I was expecting. Slither was entertaining and had some interesting choices for a horror movie.

If I thought I'd actually wear it I'd be tempted to buy a Guerrero style bracelet. R.I.P. Pepe.
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