July 21st, 2007

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Third Verse, Same As The Second

A little while back monstersocks and I made an offer on a house, started negotiations and then someone else swooped in and made an offer the sellers liked better. We grudgingly accepted that we'd lost the house and went on vacation, trying to put it behind us and get ready for looking at some new houses later.

While on vacation we had almost no cellphone service. (We were in Northern California, two hours north of San Francisco for part of the trip and about twenty miles south of Oregon for the rest.) On our way back to San Francisco we stopped at a gas station and I noticed I had cellphone service. I had some voicemail and some email. One of the email messages was from our real estate agent letting us know that the deal had fallen through and that the house we liked was available again. I'd been hoping something like this might happen (my sister-in-law reminded me of how they got their house after someone else outbid them but then changed their mind because of the ceiling height) but had also been trying to put the house behind me so we could move forward and not be stuck waiting until it sold.

monstersocks and I discussed it and did a little more research on flat roofs and finally decided to make an offer earlier this week. We called our agent, only to find out that now some other people had placed an offer and were negotiating with the sellers. We decided to go ahead and make an offer a little higher than what we had initially planned on. The sellers were receptive to the offer and with one minor change it was accepted.

So, pending the results of the inspection next week, we may very well be moving across the river in a little over a month.
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