September 3rd, 2007


Great Responsibility

monstersocks and I went out yesterday and bought a lawn mower. Today we assembled it and mowed our lawn. monstersocks also spent some time being cruel to some weeds. While mowing isn't a fun endeavor it's definitely different mowing our lawn than mowing my parents' lawn or the lawn at school.

Before and after today's mowing we took a few car loads of stuff over to the house. The current plan is to move all the stuff that fits in cars over bit by bit and then move the stuff that doesn't in a rented truck. We should probably start advertising our moving day (September 15th) so that we can convince our friends to help out (and get around to reserving a truck). Honestly I think it should go pretty smoothly since we'll only be moving two beds, some bookcases, dressers, etc. Mostly unwieldy stuff, not heavy stuff.

We also had our first meal at the house today (White Castle).