September 8th, 2007


Poor planning and yard sales

We moved a bunch of boxes into the new house last night. Unfortunately things were slightly complicated by a football game at the school across the street. Cars were parked all along both streets outside of the house. We were able to park in our driveway but that requires hauling boxes a bit further than when we can park right outside one of the doors. There was a little water dripping off the front of the garage roof. I went up and cleared out one of the drains on the roof (it was clogged with tree debris). I also took a look at the main house roof and it seemed to be draining properly. (Our ladder seemed a little short to actually use to get up on the roof. We'll either need a taller ladder or to figure out a configuration where I can get up there and feel safe about it.)

Most of today was packing and getting rid of stuff. We took a carload over to Goodwill including three garbage bags of clothes and a whole lot of other stuff. We also brought some more boxes to the house. No parking problems, but we did discover that there's a garage sale at the school next weekend on the day we were planning on moving. We haven't figured out how we'll handle that (I think the options are hope there's space available for a big truck outside the house, park some cars outside the house so that we can save some space for a truck or switch the move to later in the day after the sale is done).

Project "Get Rid Of The Ivy" is off to a decent start. We cut a few roots and the ivy on some parts of the house is dying fairly quickly. The adhesive pads are still stuck fairly firmly to the walls though. Hopefully it will hurry up and just drop off of the house.

I think the biggest surprise in the house so far has been the phone jack configuration. There is one phone jack (with a five way splitter) in a nook off of the kitchen. We haven't found any other phone jacks in the rest of the house. There is no power in the nook off of the kitchen. So, we had to string a phone cord from the nook into the kitchen so that we could set up a cordless phone.

Tomorrow we'll mow the lawn again (weather permitting) and probably move a few more things into the house.