January 30th, 2008

Halloween 2008- Captain Hammer

Working Out Again

The new gym near my office opened earlier this month so I ran out of excuses for not signing up with a gym (my old one moved to Little Canada and the new location is really out of the way unless I want to visit eriker afterwards). So, I took a tour of the new place earlier this month. Really huge compared to the old gym and much, much nicer. Also quite a bit more expensive, although they've got a deal running right now that makes it a bit more reasonable. They were also much less pushy than I expected (I checked out a Bally Fitness once and felt more like I was in a cross between a car dealership and a cult with the limited time offers and pressure to sign up for the more expensive plans). I also visited a gym closer to the new house. It seemed okay but was even more expensive than the new place and had a somewhat dank and claustrophobic feel to it. I signed up with the new gym. It's cheaper, felt less crowded and is closer to work which worked well with the old one. I've worked out there three times now and it's been perfectly reasonable. (I can't really say it was good because going to the gym is never good.)

This month we also finally got some plumbing work taken care of (a slow drain that just kept getting slower) and I finally got around to ordering some new furnace filters. Unfortunately the new filters haven't helped the furnace to make up for how cold it's getting. We'll need to work on improving insulation, windows, etc. at some point.

We didn't put my name on the phone this time, just monstersocks', so we don't get calls from debt collectors looking for other people with my name like we used to. Sadly we still get calls from debt collectors (and their computers) looking for people who don't live in our house.
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