April 22nd, 2008



I dropped my phone yesterday (Treo 650) and it stopped working. No obvious problem but it wouldn't turn on anymore. I took it to the Sprint repair place and they poked at it and apparently made it work again but it would work for a minute then die, then if they poked at it enough it would work for another minute before dying again.

So, I got a new phone (Palm Centro) which is slightly fancier, but it's a bit depressing that "slightly fancier" is the best that Palm can come up with in three years. Restoring it wasn't too hard since I use a backup app, but I had to borrow a memory card from monstersocks because the old one used SD and the new one uses micro-SD. So far it looks like everything transfered successfully, although I've noticed a seemingly random set of calendar events got marked as private. I also discovered that my GPS software isn't compatible with the new phone which is disappointing but solvable. I've also had to re-enter a few registration codes for shareware.

The new phone is a bit quicker accessing the internet though, which is nice, and while it has embarrassingly little memory built in but it's still 3-4 times what the old phone had.

I've been playing a bit of Assassin's Creed lately. It started off a bit slowly, but once I got bolder and stopped being quite so sneaky it got more fun. I was a bit surprised by the bits that remind me of Portal, and by the zombie Veronica Mars in some scenes. I think that amongst its many positive attributes, not having any creepy zombie looking people (except for occasionally seeing yourself) was one of Portals better ideas. I think my biggest complaint so far is that the save system seems entirely automated which should be good but instead I don't feel confident of when my progress has saved and when it hasn't.

In the not sure if a person should laugh or cry department- Clinton, Obama & McCain looking for votes on Raw.