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Someday I'll find the happy medium between too busy to post and not enough going on to post.

It's not my fault your world orbits a ball of fire.

monstersocks and I made it out to worm's fancy tea party last Friday, it was a lot of fun. Pictures are forthcoming. Sadly we ran out of time to make scones (the original plan) or get anything particularly exciting for dinner (so we ended up at Taco Bell). There were plenty of tasty (and fancy) snacks at the tea party though. I played a few hands of Dalmutti and chatted with various folk. We stayed until the very end (when worm's roommate started chasing people out of the house).

I slept away much of Saturday while monstersocks helped out her mom at the antique shop. We got together for dinner and then wasted some time at the MoA before the double threat birthday party. We stopped by Hot Topic and I found the shirt I've been wanting which was out of stock on the gameskins website. It was also only half the listed price in the store. On our way out we stopped at Krispy Kreme to get some doughnuts for the party. If only I'd known about their current buy a dozen, get a dozen free promotion (oops, not valid in MN.)

We hung out at 433 and voolala' party for a while and got to chat with a few people (eriker, sworskogsfru ladyslaughter, dortz, vaxjo and many others) and wish the birthday boy and girl happy birthdays. We were a bit wiped out from the previous evening though so we ended up leaving pretty early. I've got pictures from 433 and voo's party online now.

Last night wasn't particularly exciting. I played around with iPhoto and BetterHTMLExport to get the 433/voo pictures online. I haven't been very happy with the old template I was using. I'm still not really happy with the current one but I think a little tweaking should result in something I like better.

There were rumors earlier this week of new bigger iPods. Sadly they didn't come true, but some of the new iTunes features do look kind of fun. I really like my current iPod but I'd like it a hell of a lot more if it could hold more stuff. As it is now I'm stuck deleting songs every time I get a new CD which doesn't really encourage me to expand my collection. A 60GB Black iPod would be nice (whenever they bump the size up). Unfortunately I don't think I can justify the price just for the size, they'll need some other incentives too. (I think the iPod Mini has a better control scheme than the current full size iPods.) It looks like some people are unhappy with the new iTunes. I like having 5 computers available instead of 3 to be well worth the drop in CD burning from 10 discs to 7. I don't think I've ever burned a playlist more than once or twice. It is worrisome that your rights can be changed at any time, but that's why I still mostly buy real physical CDs instead of iTunes Music Store stuff. I still need to pick out my free song from the Ben and Jerry's giveaway.

Part IV of that cool Mario Brothers flash movie is online now. (You should watch Part I, Part II and Part III first.) By Alexander Leon.

  • Bus strike reduces crime- An interesting idea but it's a bit too simplistic to infer that bus riders cause a disproportionate amount of crime. If general business was down in areas where crime was down it could be that a reasonable portion of the bus riding demographic caused trouble.
  • Insultingly Bad Movie Physics- Interesting if slightly overboard physics criticism.
  • All in one Commodore 64 emulator in a joystick- That looks pretty cool. I've got the original Atari 2600 and Namco models, plus a similar Nintendo type device I got for Christmas. I think there's also an Atari 2600 paddle set due out later this year.
  • Recording HD signals on your computer
  • Nekkid Klingon Women (from boingboing, I'm guessing it isn't work safe)
  • Nudetrek.com (ditto)
  • 300 icons from 1800 sites
  • Last 10 LJ Images- This page will show you the last ten images posted to livejournal entries. Pretty amusing and a fun time waster (it seems to be able to see into protected entries). Occasionally not at all worksafe.</a>
  • Studios making lousy DVDs so you'll buy the better ones later- I don't mind seeing an initial release followed by a special edition as long as they're open about it like with the Lord of the Rings series. The Kill Bill thing seems a bit less open (and they gloat about how much money they're making off of people who'll buy movies two or three times). That said I do own two Alien series boxed sets and quite a few copies of the various Evil Dead films.

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