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Hopefully, the end

Well, I dropped by Bob (my downstairs neighbor)'s apartment tonight. We talked a little bit about the past week and his actions seem a little bit less ridiculous now. Apparently he woke up last night when I was brushing my teeth or something because he thought I'd been walking around to and from the bedroom for half an hour when he started pounding. I agreed to stick to our previous arrangement where I'll stay out of the bedroom after midnight, and I'll also try to be in there after 11pm less than I had. I gave him my number so he can call if something's bothering him instead of pounding on the ceiling. It sounds like his schedule requires him to be up at about 5am most days, which is part of why he's been so pissy about my bedtimes. I also agreed to turn down the volume on my alarm clock since he can apparently hear it pretty well.

Apparently he's complained to management two or three times now, I only got one notice from them. I wonder if it was after the first, second or third complaint.

I dropped my letter off at the office before visiting Mr. Bob Palombo, but I doubt much of anything will happen from it.

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