Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Q? You Mean Eugene Bradford?

One of monstersocks' coworkers saw John de Lancie in Saint Paul this morning. He was on Hooperman!

I've managed to avoid paying over $2/gallon for gas so far. I happened to get gas as prices were dipping back below $2 a week or two ago then happened to find a place at just under $2 in Hastings last night. I haven't gotten around to looking any more closely at getting a hybrid yet. I keep seeing news stories about them or mentioning them recently. (For Speeders, Hybrids Suck Gas, Rescuers Prep For Hybrid Accidents (and a slightly more reasonable take on the issue), Prius waiting lists of eight to eighteen months are normal.)

Synchronicity- I was reading an article that mentioned Tito Puente and then my iPod played Señor Burns.

Do TiVo owners watch more or fewer commercials than others?
Cookie Mongoloid- Sesame Speed Metal
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