Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Back In Black

I'm back from my weekend in Kentucky. Plenty of good time with family.

For Father's Day we went out and saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Now I guess I should see the other two movies. (I knew Professor Lupin seemed familiar but it's been a while since I saw The Island of Dr. Moreau.)

On my trip I finally heard exactly how I'm related to Lewis and Clark. Reportedly Clark is my first cousin six times removed and Lewis is my third cousin six times removed. I also learned that quite a few people in my family watch The Daily Show regularly.

I enjoyed playing around with the navigation system in the rental car. Definitely not a necessity but definitely a fun (and useful) gadget. The hotel was a different story. When I got back one night I discovered that the housekeeping staff had left the door open most of the day. Fortunately I hadn't left anything of any significant value in the room and all of my clothes were still there when I got back.

I got the latest preventative maintenance done on my car tonight. At least it gave me a little time to play the new Mario Golf game. I'm a whole lot better about preventative maintenance for my car than I am for my health. (I was supposed to head back to the doctor's office "in six months" a couple years ago.)

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