Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Terrific Weekend

Went to the gym, then did a little shopping with monstersocks and got dinner then back home for a little Colonial House (not much left but Michelle just keeps getting worse, she's like someone who agrees to play a game of chess but refuses to use her King or Queen because she doesn't believe in a monarchy). I'm also not sure the Cape Merchant needed to get quite as naked as he did.

monstersocks and I went down to Richfield to spend some time with eriker and ladyslaughter at the pet store. We made plans to see the first two Harry Potter movies at some point. Next we went over to the house of a friend of monstersocks so we could provide some computer assistance and deliver a present. She'd managed to resolve the main problem herself so instead I helped show her how to use her printer and iPhoto to print pictures.
Out next stop was at dear old Macalester for my old roommate Juan's pre-wedding reception. It was held in Weyerhauser Board Room, which I'd only been in before back when I ran MacCinema and we showed a few movies there. We got there pretty early so there wasn't much of anyone there we knew other than the happy couple and they were pretty busy with last minute considerations. After a little while my old roommate Rich showed up with his wife Lucia and we spent some time catching up. It was great to see old friends from college who've moved to faraway places like Ohio and Maryland. There was one person there who hadn't seen me since well before the haircut ('01) and she was a bit surprised. I also learned that I haven't worn many of my dress shirts in a while and my neck is a bit smaller than it used to be. It was also neat to meet Juan's parents who I'd heard about on numerous occasions but hadn't ever met.

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