Aaron (coprock) wrote,

Quick and Dirty CON post

Good CONvergence even though I didn't get to see as much of some people as I would have liked.

I took fewer pictures this year which should mean that the ones I did take will be up more quickly.

I actually made it to the Dystopia Party this year and won a shirt for myself and an ice cube for monstersocks (small world- Dystopia's Accordion Guy spent the 4th with kamekoeriker's ex-boyfriend's family (and I went to college with the aforementioned ex-boyfriend)).

I got to play Gamecube Wario Ware at Vice City (I think I tied with everybody except Emily once and lost the rest of the rounds). I'd have loved to play more but monstersocks had gone off to bed and I felt guilty staying up too much later. That was also followed by the fortunately brief adventure of "Finding Out Where In The Hell komatoast Had Wandered Off To™".

Our plans for Indian food were thwarted tonight by India Palace's observance of Independence Day.

More later, time for sleep now.

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